Global Distribution of App Service Scale Units

Figure 1 Global Distribution of App Service Scale Units

Here’s the process to create a new app:

  1. User makes a request to create a new site.
  2. ARM makes sure user has access to the resource to allow the given operation (create in this case) and forwards the requests to App Service Geo-Master.
  3. Geo-Master finds the best suitable scale unit for the user’s request and forwards the request.
  4. The scale unit creates the new application.
  5. Geo-Master reports success on the create request.

While it’s important to understand that App Service has many scale units, your application usually runs within a single App Service scale unit. Even when using Azure Traffic Manager to run in multiple regions, your application runs in two or more separate scale units. However, from the individual scale unit point of view, your app is constrained to a single scale unit.

Excerpt from MSDN - February 2017 Article

So during the software engineering portion of the interview I was asked the following:  

  • Given a tree structure how would I get to x node?
  • How would you traverse back and forth from nodes?
  • How would you traverse across each level of nodes?
  • I have a series of numbers that if added together are going to overload the chosen data type, how does one get the average?