Miniblog.Core a project by Mads, on the VS \ .NET team at MS, thank you.  I have been exploring dotnet core since it was released and I really like the idea of a more micro-architecture.  You control more of the code, or not if you wish, depending on third party developers of packages that integrate right alongside your code through dependency injection.  This post is about my initial experience with setting up this blog.  

Steps to get up and running

  1. Cloned the solution into my personal vsts repository 
  2. Logged into Azure and setup Continuous Delivery

NOTE:  There is actually an ez button, Deploy to Azure on the Readme, I like to own more of the code and processEZ button to Azure

So first things first, there is a new feature that is currently in preview Continuous Delivery in Azure connecting you directly up to your source code repository.  

Continuous Delivery

Setting up your initial delivery pipeline, super slick and a good start at setting up development \ production continuous integration and deployment pipeline.  



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